Travel Medical & Inconvenience

What you will need before you start:

Medical Emergency: Illness or Accident
  • Original prescriptions and invoices
  • Medical report and/or information clarifying the diagnosis & the treatment done.
For accident related claims you would need the following:
  • Medical report and/or information clarifying Dismemberment / Disability
  • Death Certificate and Post Mortem Report, in case of Accidental Death
  • Original invoices relating Repatriation / Evacuation
  • Police Report where applicable
Travel Inconveniences:
  • A dated official letter from the Airlines confirming the flight delay / baggage delay / baggage loss
  • Copy of cheque or any compensation paid by the airlines
  • Copy of Baggage Tags and PIR for baggage delay/ loss
  • In case of flight delay: Copy of your ticket showing original itinerary and copy of boarding pass of actual travel

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